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Ready to jump in and get started? Great! Book a 60-minute session via the button below.

One-on-one coaching is conducted via Zoom within business hours. Note that if you are in the northern hemisphere it may be hard to find a suitable time slot but email if you wish to discuss this further. There is sometimes also an in-person option for those located in nipaluna/Hobart: mention when you book if this is of interest.

March 2024 update: There is currently limited availablity so there are no 'chat' appointments available. For now that button only allows you to email to indicate your interest and/or give some preferred times. You will be notified when there are options available. 

Have questions? Check out the FAQs below. 


Still have questions? Or maybe you want to get a sense of if we're on the same wavelength? Book a free 20 minute chat.

Returning clients who wish to book and schedule a package of five or 10 sessions at a discounted rate, get in touch .

Does coaching replace therapy?

No. Coaching contributes to better mental health... but it is not therapy and it cannot replace counselling or psychotherapy.


Some people find it works well to have a coach alongside of working with a mental healthcare professional. Others find that coaching fits well when they are having a break from regular therapy. Others don't feel they need mental health treatment. They choose to work with a coach to enhance their experience of life in some way.

So what is coaching then?

Coaching is practically focused and concerns the here and now rather the past. It is about working towards measurable outcomes and helping you to get better results from your efforts. If that sounds good, try it. On the other hand, if you need significant or urgent mental health support, get in touch with a medical professional (a GP is always a good place to start). You can always look into coaching once you're feeling better and ready to move forward.

How frequently should I see a coach?

A monthly session for a set period of time works for a lot of people. Every few months might be fine. Or maybe you need coaching once a week for a while. It really depends on your situation and what you're hoping to achieve.... We will discuss all this during our first conversations, and I'll make recommendations. It's all about what works for you though. 

Can I benefit from one session? Or an occasional one?

Yes. This is a way to get a taste of coaching to see if it helps you. Or perhaps you have a specific one-off issue to work on (such as a decision to make or a creative block).


In general though, after the first session it's best to schedule appointments out over a period of a few months or a year. This allows us to track progress towards goals and it ensures that you have ongoing support as you make gradual changes to the way you think or operate.  

I'm not sure if I have ADHD. Can I book ADHD coaching?

Yes. Diagnosis can be an expensive and difficult process. If you're at the start of that journey, or even if you ultimately find out you do not have ADHD, the fact that you are here and looking for support to better manage daily life is a good reason to try coaching. If I do not believe that ADHD coaching is right for you, I will let you know and we can either transition into another approach... or I will refer you elsewhere. 

What if I'm interested in creativity and ADHD coaching?

You've come to the right place! For many clients there is some overlap. But, for a few reasons, we will choose one to be the main focus of sessions. We will discuss why during our first appointment, and will work together to determine the right approach for you.

How much is coaching?

A one-hour session is $150 - in Australian dollars. There are discounts available when booking a block of 5 or 10 sessions. This option is available after your first session, if we both think you'll benefit from more appointments.

Is coaching tax deductible?

If we are working together in support of your career or business, most likely. Check with your accountant.

Is there a way to get my coaching paid for?

The short answer is... maybe. 

Coaching is not covered by private health insurance.


Coaching may be funded on an NDIS package, depending on why you need coaching. Ask your support coordinator.


Some government grants may pay for work with a coach. For example, a grant to help you to begin or develop a small business (ie. this could be your arts practice as a sole trader).


Some companies or organisations will pay for employees to work with a coach as a form of professional development. 


  • Coaching sessions are booked via the button above, which will take you to a calendar.

  • Choose the time and date you want and make payment using the details provided on the calendar (click "show more" at the top of the page if you can't see all the details). 

  • Prior to making payment and receiving a receipt, your appointment is not confirmed and can be cancelled by either party without notice.

  • If you need to postpone or reschedule a confirmed appointment, please advise as soon as possible. Changes will be accommodated where possible. Where there is no other suitable time-slot available, the client will forfeit the fee.

  • Refunds will not be offered except in the situation where the coach cancels a session and cannot find another mutually agreeable time - or otherwise at the coach's discretion.

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